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Slotermeerlaan 75 has always had catering. The picture above is dated 1957.
Roy van Maren started his employment here May 5th 2001. And became the owner in 2007.

The area Amsterdam Nieuw-West has not changed a lot since then. Some new hotels, a supermarket and surely paid parking. Fortunately there is still enough free parking in the area.

Although earlier this neighborhood consisted mainly of elderly residents nowadays a major rejuvenation is taking place. This is also noticeable at the bar.

Also public transport to the Slotermeerlaan has change drastically. In 1957 we were proud to have our first tram connection. Nowadays trams 7, 14 and bus 69 and 64 are stopping right in front of the door.

The Slotermeerlaan has two hotels (Blue Square and Slotania). Which is the main reason a lot of tourists are finding their way into this area. You'll also find them at the bar.

The clothing of choice has changed a lot also as is shown in the picture below.

Kleding 1957


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